Upload Guidelines

Here are some basic rules we recommend you follow to get your cosmetics approved


Make sure you have the rights to upload any assets you're using

We can't stress this enough. Make sure you own it. If you retextured or redesigned a cosmetic that you got from our website, then you should be in the clear. Cosmetica is not responsible for your actions and it's your responsibility to follow copyright law.


Make sure it's not NSFW

We focus pretty heavily on being inclusive of all players regardless of age, so sussy content is out of the question.


Make sure you're comfortable with people using and modifying your cosmetics

This is important. Any Cosmetica user can download and modify anything that anybody else has uploaded. And if you upload anything you need to be okay with people doing this to your stuff too. You likely won't be credited for any "remakes" or modified versions of your cosmetics made by others. Uploading stuff to Cosmetica does not automatically grant everyone a license to use your cosmetics for their services or projects, but it does give Cosmetica some additional rights to use it etc etc (check our EULA for the real details). But rest assured, you're still the owner of what you make.


Make sure your cosmetic can't be mistaken for anything obtainable in the game

This means no parrot shoulder buddies, no diamond helmet hats, etc.


Make sure your cosmetic doesn't resemble an official Minecraft cape in any capacity

If your cape could be mistaken for an official cape by a reasonable person, we probably won't approve it.


That's basically it. If you really wanna get into the details of it then you can read our EULA.

Last updated November 26, 2022